GS-Hydro Norge AS

Who We Are

We at GS-Hydro aim to be your global partner in your piping and hose management projects. We are able to Create Value Together.

Your Global Partner

GS-Hydro is able to cover your global piping and hose management needs with the help of an experienced network of own companies and partners. We are globally present in over twenty-five countries. GS-Hydro has over six hundred piping specialists to ensure you get the service where and when you need it. Contact us to learn more!

GS-Hydro’s leak-free and reliable solutions are excellent choices for challenging offshore and marine industries as well as numerous land-based industries. Have a look at our Reference stories to read about our projects in various parts of the world.

As a company GS-Hydro is committed to operate according to our Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) values and principles. We believe that common guidelines create a working environment which results in the best quality for our customers! Read about EHSQ in GS-Hydro.

What We Do

Piping Solutions

GS-Hydro is the original innovator and provider of the flange technology. It is in many ways superior to the traditional welded methods. For instance, the non-welded GS-Piping System is highly reliable due to the leak-free technology and inherent cleanliness.

Learn more about the benefits of GS-Hydro’s non-welded piping technology.

Hose Management

GS-Hydro provides comprehensive hose management services including software to track your hoses and plan maintenance.

Learn more about our hose management offering and hose products.

Wide Range of Industries

The leak-free GS-Piping solutions are preferred especially in the offshore, marine and certain land-based industries such as pulp and paper or steel industries just to name a few.

Find out how GS-Piping benefits your industry.

Various Applications

GS-Hydro’s innovative non-welded piping technology and hose management solutions are ideal for a wide range of high and low pressure applications with media such as water, oil, air, gas and mud.


Main Office Frogner
GS-Hydro Norge AS

Måltrostveien 3
P.O. Box 93
N-2016 Frogner
Phone: +47 6386 6620
Fax: +47 6386 6666
E-mail: Sales

Business ID: NO967993573

Branch Office Bergen
GS-Hydro Norge AS

Leirvikåsen 35
N-5179 Godvik
Phone: +47 5550 1550
Fax: +47 5550 1551

Branch Office Kristiansand
GS-Hydro Norge AS

Skibåsen Park
Skibåsen 33 E
N-4636 Kristiansand
Phone: +47 3804 2660
Fax: +47 3804 2661

Branch Office Stavanger
GS-Hydro Norge AS

Moseidveien 3
4033 Stavanger
Phone: +47 5195 9640
Fax: +47 5195 9641

Branch Office Trondheim
GS-Hydro Norge AS

Torgårdstrøa 12
7072 Heimdal
Phone: +47 7319 0200
Fax: +47 7319 0201

Branch Office Ålensund
GS-Hydro Norge AS

Breivika Industriveg 41
6018 Ålesund
Phone: +47 7010 7330
Fax: +47 7010 7331

Please visit the GS-Hydro Norway website.

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